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From small-scale installations to large-scale multi-location rollouts, Cabling Solutions Group is the most reliable and experienced provider of Fiber Optic services in Tucson!

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Why Trust Cabling Solutions Group?

We Have Over 20 Years of Cabling Experience!

When you choose Cabling Solutions Group for your Fiber Optics installation needs, you’re opting for a locally owned and operated company that understands the unique demands of the Tucson, AZ area. Our commitment to reliability ensures that your project is completed on time and on budget.

With a team of dedicated experts well-versed in the intricacies of fiber optic technology, you can trust that every aspect of your installation will be handled with precision and care. Partner with us for a seamless, dependable, and expertly executed Fiber Optics installation experience.

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The Future of Data Connectivity

Why Fiber Optic is the Right Solution for You.

Fiber optic technology is the optimal choice for your business due to its unparalleled advantages. With lightning-fast data transfer, reliability in the face of interference, scalability for growth, low latency, enhanced security, future-proofing capabilities, long-distance reach, extended lifespan, and energy efficiency, fiber optics ensures your business stays competitive and efficient in the data-driven landscape.

High-Speed Data Transmission

Fiber optic cables are the best solution for applications requiring ultra-fast internet connections, high-definition video streaming, large data transfers, online gaming, and real-time video conferencing.

Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Since fiber optic cables are immune to EMI they can be installed in areas with high levels of electrical interference, such as near power lines or industrial machinery, without experiencing signal degradation.

Long Distance

Fiber optic cables are capable of transmitting data over very long distances with minimal signal loss. Save money by providing a solution that doesn't rely on expensive signal repeaters.

Cabling Solutions Group Team Member at a Site Survey

Did You Know? CSG Provides Free Site Surveys!

At Cabling Solutions Group, we’re committed to ensuring that your network infrastructure is tailored to your precise needs, which is why we offer Free Site Surveys for all of our prospective clients. We understand that every location is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work in the world of networking. Our expert team is ready to visit your site, assess your specific requirements, and determine the most effective cabling and fiber optic solutions to provide you with the utmost reliability.

Let us walk your site today! With our comprehensive site surveys, you can trust that your network will be custom-tailored to deliver the reliability and performance your users demand.


Our Clients’ Satisfaction Is What Drives Us!

We work hard everyday to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our reviews are the feedback we need to know we are doing just that!

Andrew Bonn

Project Manager - United Fire Equipment Company

These are the professionals you’ve been seeking. Cabling Solutions Group continues to be an outstanding partner to work with on several of our projects. From Cat7 runs to Access Control. Their entire team was top-notch from the planning process through execution. A special thanks to both Brian Peircey, who went above and beyond to assist us with a fussy building manager, and Joey Padias, who continues to provide excellent support by answering our complex questions involving our new access control system.

Trevor Henson

Had a fantastic experience with the Cabling Solutions team. They were able to assess and present a solution within day or two. Also had great scheduling availability. Install team was fantastic and went above and beyond to meet our needs. Will definitely be using them again for our camera/cabling needs. A+

Roberto Pareja

We had a project to move 30+ servers from Miami to Dallas. The job provided by Cabling Solutions was very good and the customer service provided was more than excellent. Brian took care quickly of our last minute requests and we were able to keep in contact with everyone involved at all times. As expected servers arrived on time at the destination and in a perfect condition. This kind of move is not done often, but I will get in contact with this company for sure in any future need we have.

Philip Hamlin

Tucson Country Day School had two projects with Cabling Solutions Group in the last few weeks. We are impressed with the quality of the finished product and the follow-through by the team effort. The last project was an emergency repair and the solution was great. Hightly recommended.

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